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  • Modern Industry

Modern Industry

Vividha Technology
  • Visual layout
  • Specialist Warehousing

    The World today is not just the old Brick and Mortar Industry. It is a complex Web of Industry that serves today's commerce as well as other Industries. For this matter, Vividha TechnologyPark being in the essence of well Planned Infrastructure Development that takes care of the New aspects including extra emphasis on Logistics, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Facilities Management, Security, Micro Warehousing, as well as numerous other features to back the Industry Installments within this setup.

  • Specialist Warehousing

    The Strategic Location offering unmatched connectivity being next to the International Airport, close to the Container Deport, near the National Highway, bang on the State Highway, and being the Gateway to the 3 States: Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. The Location is bound to give your an edge to perform and your Supply Chain shall be able to give your fast, efficient, reliable and recurring benefits to last. All these at prices for these unmatched facilities, far lower than anywhere in the vicinity..